In the October school holidays, we ran film workshops for a group of young people from the Top End. They developed skills in storyboarding, filming, and editing, and had the chance to create their own films regarding alcohol and binge drinking. They made these three great films:

In early 2013, we ran workshops with the Year 11 health class at Casuarina Senior College., talking about alcohol and how it affects us as a community, and what we can do to make healthier choices. As part of these workshops, the students were encouraged to create their own resources for their peers to promote healthy living. This great video was produced by one group of students.

The legal age for drinking is 18, but let’s face it – many young people are faced with alcohol before that. Check out headspace’s new video for honest info and advice.

Worried about a friend or family member’s drinking? Have a look at this video from TuneInNotOut for more information

Do you know what alcohol does to your brain? Check out this amazing video by TuneInNotOut and find out:

It took Dave Mitchell over a year to physically recover from his attempts to break up a fight. So severe were his brain injuries after being king hit and having his head repeatedly stomped on, Dave was not expected to survive; however, miraculously, he lived. Dave’s attacker is serving six years in prison. Both young men offer a tragic example of how easily young lives can be derailed by street violence. Watch this video by StepBack – Think to find out more.

Want to know more? Check out

If you’d like to make a movie for Ychange? or participate as a group with Ychange? film makers get in contact with us!

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